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Martial Arts Classes for Children

Martial Arts Training courses to Boost Your Child’s Confidence, Self Esteem, and FOCUS.

At Kim’s Hapkido martial arts, we teach children to be respectful and responsible.  All of our programs are aimed at giving your child the skills they need to succeed in life.  We teach them martial arts techniques so they learn to respect themselves, and others, and stand up for what is right.

If you have children between the ages of 3 and 12, we can help them become happy, healthy, and confident kids, with high levels of personal discipline, respect for their parents, and a strong sense of responsibility.

At Kim’s Hapkido we combine traditional values of Korean Karate with other martial arts training to give your child the mental tools to deal with bullies, prejudice and injustice.

Before and after our martial arts lessons, we meet one-on-one to discuss your child’s needs and your child’s progress. We educate you regarding our programs and help you understand the developmental process for your child. We give you tips on how to reinforce your child’s development and share with you how our martial arts school can help you achieve yours and your child’s goals.


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